How An Active Lifestyle Out In The Nature Could Be A Concern For Skin Hygiene 

How An Active Lifestyle Out In The Nature Could Be A Concern For Skin Hygiene 

Outdoor activities such as hiking and camping are popular ways to keep fit and enjoy the outdoors. However, with any outdoor activity comes the potential for skin problems. Moreover, this will only lead to more problems if there is no availability to shower and cleanse the body from sweat and dirt. 

How to care for your skin after being outdoors?

Why Should Skin Hygiene Be A Concern When You Lead An Outdoorsy Lifestyle? 

When it comes to good outdoor sanitation, only some places in our country excel in the area. Going out and having an active lifestyle could make it harder to have hygienic conditions while travelling. The least you can do to your body is change into a new pair of clothes. The following are a few reasons why this is a more significant concern than we imagine. 

  • Constant Exposure To Pollution And Dirt 

Travelling or taking part in adventurous activities means being constantly exposed to pollution and dirt. With every activity, you might get sweaty and dirty. As the skin gets more exposed to these particles, it becomes dull and can be a home to microbes and bacteria. 

  • No Way To Have A Proper Shower

Camping or hiking can lead to days without access to proper shower facilities. With the profuse sweat and grime, going without a shower can really endanger one’s skin health. 

  • Skin Can Be Affected From Sunburns 

Staying outdoors means always being under the scorching sun. As a result, the skin can burn and start itching leading to redness of the skin. 

What can you do? 

You can now have good sanitation days with cleansing and cooling BMore body wipes with ingredients like charcoal and mint extracts. These natural ingredients make the product suitable for all skin types and are entirely safe to use. It is also free of any chemicals and is environmentally friendly. You can wipe the skin with our body wipes to get instant freshness and soothing effects. 

Say yes to both outdoorsy lifestyles and BMore Body Wipes! 

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