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Brand Story

#Get Dirty   Stay Dirty

Being outdoorsy is fun, but you are often deprived of the luxury of taking a shower due to a lack of time and convenience under good hygienic conditions. Getting sweaty and dirty is unavoidable, however, with our Deep Cleansing & Cooling Body Wipes, skin hygiene is convenient, effective and soothing with a formula infused with:

This dual combo of skin purification with cooling effects gives you instant refreshment even without a shower so that you can :

Ever used your hands to wipe your face & arms from sweat and dirt?

Okay maybe you wiped it with your tshirt? Or Just stayed dirty?
Don’t worry, its not your fault. 😉

Exposing ourselves to heat and pollution can make us feel dull, dehydrated, and dirty. On top of that we may not necessarily have access to shower or even time to bathe. While noodles and nimbu paani are so easy to carry they can be consumed anywhere and everywhere to replenish ourselves. But for our skin, sometimes the only choice is to just change into another pair of clothes without cleaning ourselves and that is a home for a lot of skin infection

How do we bring that instant refreshing clean feeling to our skin after spending hours in the open?

Staying Indoors in a fear of getting dirty? Haah, No chance!!
Let’s be honest, life is so much fun outside our homes. We want to be out there to fulfill our adrenaline rush and challenge our limits and stay hygienic at the same time.

That’s why, we thought let’s make hygiene convenient, effective and luxurious. Even if you are lost on a secluded island, be assured to feel clean with our range of large sized body wipes.

Pocket friendly

Wrapped in individual sachets

Environment friendly

Made from 100% viscose

Skin friendly

No alcohol/parabens & sulphates

Non-sticky and smooth as you wipe your whole body

Feel refreshed, invigorated, and confident to BeMore Active.


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